to experience ,
get to know and understand local culture

A unique project, developed together
with local authorities and virtuous actors of the territory


We are a benefit company.
We are in the business of defining products and services for the communication and promotion of the world’s territories. We do this by enhancing the natural and cultural heritage, know-how, traditional knowledge and expressions that these places hold.

Luoghi parlanti®

It stands as an itinerant experience that
invites discovery and intervenes in the territory, to create a deeper
authentic knowledge and a direct link
with the local community.

With this communication and dissemination tool we aim to:


The territory telling its story

Talking Places® is ingenious because it invites territorial communities to build their own narrative universe, without yielding to the flattery of the mainstream, but by involving locals in the story of their own essence and identity.

An experience that invites discovery

Every place, monument or route can become talking thanks to the creation of signage, which can be displayed both indoors and outdoors, equipped with NFC tags that allow you to find out and learn more about the place, simply with a tap on your device.


a gesture to meet the territory and those who inhabit it

Having more channels means increasing the visibility possibilities for the area locally, nationally and internationally.

Not a tourist,
but guest

Travellers can, in turn, become part of the narrative of the territories by sharing their photos. A dialogue is thus nurtured between the territory and the people that continues over time, creating a solid, mature and sustainable bond. The traveller becomes a co-protagonist in the narrative and enriches his experience.

The network of
Talking Places

of the Territory

Luoghi Parlanti® is a service created by the Life Beyond Movement Tourism Travel to Dialogue as a storytelling tool of the territories to implement their attractiveness and acc visitors

Technology that tells the place

Places Talking® combines traditional photographic and textual narration with NFC technology integrated in modern smartphones and offers information, insights, historical notions and traditional to the visitor.

Temporary Resident

Places Talking® becomes a service available to the territories to offer visitors and inhabitants an authentic and unique experience, based on their interests, useful for transforming the simple tourist into a "temporary resident".

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